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Shank's Law is internet shorthand for a common response to the logical fallacy of "Argument from authority". It states: " The imaginative powers of the human mind have yet to rise to the challenge of concocting a conspiracy theory so batshit insane that one cannot find at least one Ph.D holding scientist to support it."

Proponents of conspiracy theories often attempt to lend their swivel-eyed nonsense credibility by citing the "findings" of one or more Ph.D professors. However, they fail to appreciate that the fact that a person holds a Ph.D doesn't necessarily mean they aren't crazy.
"Weasel semen is a proven cure for AIDS, especially when gargled."
"You think so? Well here's a study by Professor Hodor of Bumblefuck University that proves it!"
"Shank's Law, bro. Shank's law."
by CaptainSmash! June 10, 2015
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