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Shaniqua Fingers are usually given when something is proven, when one believes the other is wrong. Besides denial, they can be used in demands and confrontation. The action is open to all races, ethnicities and nationalities.

The gesture consists of a few steps:
1. Bring left hand up to right side of face, anywhere from 3-10 inches from your right eye.
2. Snap fingers there once.
3. Move left hand to left side.
4. Snap on left side.
5. Make a 'Z' pattern and return your left hand to the right side of your body, your left hand when completed with this step should be about 3-10 inches from your nipple.
6. The final step, you can return in a straight line to the left, or even go lower.

Shaniqua Fingers can also be done from right to left.

The name was randomly chosen to be Shaniqua, because it is a popular black name. Any name can be substituted for 'Shaniqua' For example, Lashaunda Fingers would also work, however, Shaniqua Fingers is the most popular and originally correct way.

'Shaniqua Fingers' created by Bobby of Williamsburg
"You need to get started on your report, now." *gives Shaniqua Fingers*

"Get out of my face" *gives Shaniqua Fingers

"No, FDR is the one with polio not Lincoln." *gives Shaniqua Fingers*
by Bobby of Williamsburg October 03, 2006
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