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Shanghai Shake.

1. Noun. A post move commonly used by the 7' 6" NBA basketball superstar center, Yao Ming. Consists of faking the defender one way and then following with a fadeaway going the opposite direction.

The move has many drawbacks however, if executed poorly, you could contract a tumor. There are other rare, but serious cases in which a man executed the move poorly and broke every bone in his left leg. Needless to say, he never recovered from the injury.

The move however, if executed perfectly, can severely injure the opposing player (if done to an NBA player). If the move is executed on an average person, then he will most likely be killed.
Example 1 - *Yao Ming does a perfect Shanghai Shake on Shaq*


Example 2 - *Yao Ming does a perfect Shanghai Shake on random person*

Random Person: WHAT THE HE-- *seizure*
by ssp0929 April 04, 2009
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