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The most incredible guy anyone could meet. He's loving, caring, faithful, honest, gorgeous, generous, happy, and just DROP DEAD SEXY! No one in this world compares to him, as much as you boys and guys would like to.. Sorry there's no hope for you :) Shane Tew is an incredible athlete who will have an extraordinary future. And ladies.. Sorry but he's already taken for LIFE<3 yes, you may go drown yourself in your tears now!, I know.. You all would love to have him for yourselves. Shane is beautiful inside and out, even when he's raging mad! Also; Shane has the best body around, he won the best body competition, how sexy is that ;) damnnnn! There may be over a million (shane)'s in this world, but there's only one who fits the name and that's Shane Matthew tew!!! Baby your the best thing that has ever happened to me even when we are in the worst of times! I promise to be the best girlfriend/wifey ever ;))) I love you sweet baby, even when I'm outrageously mad! Same goes for you :) ya hearddddd me baby!
It's you and me forever! No matter what<3 muahhh!
Shane Matthew Tew you have a girl who is absolutely in love with you even though you are a 1,400 miles away, that won't split us apart! I love you forever! -KIRSTENNNN <3

We are so sexy togetherrr! ;)

102309 forever and after baby!!!!!
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