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A former wife. Does not take marriage vows seriously. Probably emotionally fucked up or will cheat on you with a woman for months or years, all the while leaving their blissfully ignorant husbands thinking that everything is fine. Will usually do that for their monetary or social benefit. More than likely ran away on their husband before he saw it coming, stripped the bank account, and trashed the house he paid for, like a nuke in the night.

Will gain overwhelming sympathy from all mutual friends and her family, making the husband seem like the bad guy. Will get custody of the children 9 out 10 of the times, even if she can't afford to support them...but that's ok, because the "justice" system will make sure that you support her like your still married, but she'll be sucking off another guy in the place you payed for.

Won't let your kids stay with you for more than 48 hours if you live more than 2 blocks away from her. Will do her duty to leak your secrets to all her friends, family, and every guy she sleeps with.
Hi, I'm a Shandatee! I'm justified in fucking up your life because your not rich enough and don't let me walk all over you. Sure, I can gain weight, nag, cheat, and not have sex with you for months at a time, but damn it, your still suppose to put up with my shit, wait on me hand and foot, and clean the shit out the house......oh well, where's my child support check?
by Rea Winterbottom January 31, 2012
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