Someone who knows enough truth about how libraries really work, but not enough to go insane or be qualified as a real librarian.

A portmanteau of Sham and Librarian


* Holds strong, unwavering opinions about library records, that cannot typically be stated without at least 3 different expletives.
* Drinks like a fish to try to stem the pain from their considerations of the kafka-esque procedures running the library world today.
* For some reason, a guy called Marc is the bane of their lives, especially the one that's eight years old.
* Started doing IT support for librarians is a persistent feature as well.
"Christ, your library system is a piece of shit. Fuck, what kind of fucking MARC code is that?" - "But you're a computer guy, how do you know MARC?" - "Heh, I may know computers, but I'm also a shambrarian"
by benosteen February 11, 2010
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