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Shamakakaka is similar to Soulja Boy's 'Yah!'. It's a word that you use when your tolerance has maxed out. It's a combination of 'Shut Up!', 'Get Out Of My Face!', & 'I'm Through With This Matter!'. It originates from A WhiteWood Entertainment video starring Dave Chaney titled 'Shamakakaka'. The word started in Detroit and because of the video going viral, has spread nation wide.
Person 1: "Hey, Tommie! Come here! Come here, Tommie! Come look at this right now!"
Person 2: "Shamakakaka!"


Person 1: "You're such a bad student! You never do your work, you always show up late to class, your behavior is unacceptable..."
Person 2: "Shamakakaka!"
by Tommie Green May 30, 2008
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