Penetrative sex where the penis goes in, but only a little bit in; reaching only shallow depths. Problem caused often either by inability to get a full erection
The lower third of the vagina is the most sensitive; try getting him to dip the tip into just the shallow end
by Funnewsonly May 6, 2016
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Used to describe simple (stupid) people who might be missing a few vital genetic components.
In-bred Betty Sue came from the shallow end of the gene pool.
by Sandi68 April 14, 2006
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Swimming in the shallow end, or to swim in the shallow end, is another phrase that means to smoke pot from a bong.
"Do you wanna go swim in the shallow end over at my house?"

"I heard she was swimming in the shallow end the other night, if you can catch my drift.."
by Boopidoopi January 3, 2012
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