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Pushing or flaunting that which is likely to result in you inevitable obscurity. A reference to the disappearance of the music career of Terrence Trent D'Arby, it began shortly after the release of his 1995 "Vibrator" album. Orginally coined as "Get your D'Arby," the term then progressed to "Get your D'Arb-On." Ricky Martin's success with his 1999 number one single "Shake your Bon-Bon" gave rise to the popular singing of "Shake your Darbon" which is now the most popular usage of this term. Common examples of Shaking Your Darbon include; Janet Jackson's 'costume malfunction', Vanilla Ice's heavy metal direction and Axel Rose's corn rows.
Tim: I'm off to the beach to show off my new buff guns.

Tina: Planning to Shake Your Darbon?
by Pooleyomalley October 18, 2009
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