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It is a type of dancing that was created by the amazing Vancouver, B.C. rock band: Marianas Trench. They created a song called "Shake Tramp", which got them super famous in Canada. The song was on their first album, made in 2006: Fix Me (Their EP album before this was Say Anything).

However, Shake Tramping is where you perform a pathetic dance down a really crowded street and have people stare at you as you look like a fool. And by "dance", I mean you wear a suit with a fancy fedora, waver your body all about, and screech on the top of your lungs, as in the video. It was probably the most clever thing ever invented by them.

Josh Ramsay, Matt Webb, Mike Ayley, and Ian Casselman are the band members of Marianas Trench. You should look up their video for Shake Tramping on Youtube to see how they do it.
1st Person: "Hey, let's go Shake Tramping down the street; I hear it's really crowded, bro!"

2nd Person: "Okay! But wait, let me grab my suit that matches the wall and my awesome fedora."
by Sylus112 March 31, 2012
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