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Pakistani cricketer, born March 01 1980. Infamous for hitting sixes, the highest strike rate in the world,the fastest century (37 balls) in one day cricket, and his powerful handshake.
Started playing on the international scene at the age of 16 and is a right hand batsman and legbreak googly bowler.
He has 9 siblings, is married and has 2 daughters.
Shahid Afridi is a flamboyant allrounder.
by Siyaadah April 26, 2009
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Synonyms would be: Awesome, crazy, insane, cool, undependable, mad, talented, entertaining, mast, zabardast, superb, world champion...

Nickname is BOOM BOOM due to his flamboyant hitting of sixes & fours.

Fabulous cricketer who has led Pakistan to win the 2009 World Cup. Broken truckloads of records throughout his career. Extremely fun to watch.
His dad's the Pathan ruler of a certain tribe, and that makes Afridi a real life "prince" or "sahibzada."

He has stated that his favourite cricketers are Sachin Tendulkar and Imran Khan.

You can't really get the essence of this guy without watching him play. He's friggin awesome, and anyone would agree.

A massive hitter, often UNBELIEVABLE,

yet very very unreliable {you never know what he'll do}, religious ("All thanks is going to my Almighty God!" is a frequent statement of his. I've heard him say it whenever he gets any kind of award),

crazy, cool, and has OFTEN stated in interviews that, whether he plays amazingly or terribly, he can't control himself on the field.

Also known for striking fear into the hearts of Indians, toying with his fans' hearts by getting out very fast sometimes,

blowing a kiss to Jacques Kallis to piss him off,

biting a cricket ball,

dancing on the pitch, hitting the first 12 off 1 ball in the history of cricket, his amazing fielding, bowling, and batting, being in a number of Pepsi commercials, being handsome, etc.
"Boom Boom Afridi, king of sixes."
"Brilliant bowling performance by Shahid Afridi!"

"Cricket wouldn't be the same without Shahid Afridi." -Kevin Pietersen said this

"SHAHID AFRIDI has a great smile, but no brains." -Ramiz Raja

"Yaar, bara mast cricketer hai yeh Shahid Afridi." -What everyone thinks

"Shahid Afridi...aka...SUB KA BAAP!!!"

"Shahid he BITING THE BALL?!!" -Everyone who saw that match...hehe

"i WANNA BE LIKE SHAHID AFRIDI WHEN I GROW UP" -Many little Pakistani kids

"Shahid Afridi you idiot! Why'd you do that????"
"Don't yell at the TV, he's crazy, it's not like he can control it."

"Shahid Afridi sucks some days, but he makes up for it when he rocks, because nobody can rock it like Afridi" -THE TRUTH
by Viva_la_vidaaa March 05, 2010
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