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Another abbreviated way to say "for sure." Change the letters around in "fasho" and you get "Shafo." Use it the same way.
Max: Yo Jon..

Jon: Sup bro?

Max: You up for some beer pong?

Jon: Shafo man, Gangsta rap!
by Bruhhhhh November 23, 2011
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A type of way of saying "For Show" its better than your gay ass words.
"u got my money nigga?" "oh yeah nigga sha fo."
by ruben roberts June 15, 2007
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A way of saying for sure with more attitude. It can be used to agree with something or tell someone you agree, while sounding more smooth than saying for sure.
"We blazin tonight?" - "Sha fo bro I got shit to do today, smoke."

"Damn that bitch was fine." - "O SHA FO, I'd tap that cud."
by fokix December 09, 2008
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