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A collection of condominiums in Florida considered on "the wrong side of the tracks", bordered by walls on the west and south sides and "Shit's Creek" on the north and the east. Mired by burglary, vandalism, and occasionally arson, it has been a springboard for criminal activity for the surrounding ghettos since the early 90's. Its residency is scourged by prison candidates, squatters, juvenile delinquents, and disenfranchised youth, among others. Due to its close proximity to the ghetto without the same police attention, it has become an attractive place for fuck-ups to come and shoot up Ice or pop class 3 pharmaceutics. On a quiet weekday morning you can hear the intercom from Harllee Middle School alerting administration of a fight in the sixth grade hallway.
"How should I say this? Shadybrook Village would not be on the top of my list for condos to live. A lot of the units got bought up by investors when the market went south." - Anonymous blog post on forums
by pissandmiss November 09, 2015
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