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The very first band member of the rap/metal/rock band, Hollywood Undead, to leave the group. Born Jeffrey Phillips, he left before the band's first record label, meaning towards the end of their career on MySpace. He is featured on the songs No.5, Scene For Dummies, and Knife Called Lust. Jeff's main part in the band was growling/screaming with Da Kurlzz, Hollywood Undead's percussion drummer. Though, at the end of Scene For Dummies, he did shout outs and references (I believe). His "mask" was a bandana. Similar to Charlie's present bandana. Shady's bandanas were a black one and a red one. It is said that when Shady Jeff was hosting a party of some sort, he invited his friends (HU band members). During the celebration, Deuce got drunk and started a scene (thats right, Charlie Scene pun), and Jeff ended up pointing a gun at Deuce. Thats when he left the band. I read somewhere that Jeff then startes experimenting on engineering a car engine that runs on vegetable oil. Im not sure if its true. Just saying.
"Yo, Shady Jeff with the mic. I wanna shout out to my boys on FFTL on tour. Roommate. Chad Crews..."
-Beginning of Shady Jeff's verse in "Scene For Dummies".
by LittleKing October 19, 2014
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