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The Science Fiction Writers Association and Horror Writers Association a few days before Halloween 2010 uncovered the serial plagiarist, David "Doc" Boyer who collected 71 stories from other writers and pulled a Stephen Glass on them. This makes what Fandom_Wank is prone to seem tame as Boyer not only plagiarized from original fiction writers but also their fanfiction counterparts as he would employ his multiple personalities as their bylines. CreateSpace and are still selling the illicit lit and authors who caught him are still taking aim at them, one of the authors he stole from was the writer behind the controversial short story on The House of Pain.

Then scammed him with "Electrocuting the Clowns" in his first namesake project as he rebooted the project and released it on Veterans Day 2010 with six new writers and a few more from the public domain. When the Shadow Dolls Plagiarism Affair was blown wide open two plagiarism incidents on VampireFreaks were revealed and one about to happen when the latter plagiarist came from SomethingAwful. Some of the factions in the industry who were vocal about Boyer, turned around and enabled the Robert Baupader incidents to happen. Kealan Patrick Burke's fanbase were also caught with plagiarized work from the publisher who produced The Cabbie Homicide -- when Burke was called out; he was backpedaling.
Blogger on blogspot: Have you read about the 2010 plagiarism incident in the genre fiction community?
VampireFreaks user: No -- what incident is that.

Blogger on blogspot: A publisher who was scammed with two submissions coined this "Shadow Dolls Plagiarism Affair" as it went on from 2007 to 2010 as the plagiarist according to b-thoughtful pointed out every single one of the asshole's assumed named. The publisher who was scammed and later plagiarized coined "Blood in the Water" when addressing the plagiarist as it was a declaration of open season using grisly shark attack analogy for a plagiarist as it's like swimming in shark infested waters with a gaping cut in the artery. The publisher taunts him, "Plagiarize me motherfucker! Plagiarize me motherfucker, fine I am going to have a contest for your replacements. The contributors get to viscerally kill off your fucking multiple personalities you call pen names you lifted with."
by ilinoishorrorman February 12, 2018
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