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Basically a dumb thing people say on tiktok when their videos don’t get a lot if likes and views.
Person 1: dude i think im shadow banned on tiktok
Person 2: no you’re not you just posted a video that no one wanted to watch.
Person 1: no im just shadow banned maybe i can buy some likes
Person 2: smh
by Ya_boi_is_gay01 January 05, 2021
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A pathetic excuse a person uses when their tik tok video did not get many views/likes.
Person 1: “your vids get like no views bro”
Person 2: “yeah I know I got shadow banned
Person 1: “stfu man, there ain’t such a thing you just not cutting it with your trash content”
by R3AL T4LK September 01, 2020
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