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a long time ago i read in a book about prophecies that Shackles O Berg would rise to become a great ruler of the world. The author was unknown and it sounds a little made up but something about it made me say it here. this is what the prophecy described... In the years of the 90's will be born a boy. The birth of the boy will cause all waters around him to rise and flood. This boys destiny will become true to him in his late teen years. He will have to take one of two paths, one is full of rewards and friendships, the other full of hatred and hardship. He will have to choose between his own life and his dearest friends, if he chooses his own life over his friends he will kill the friend whos name changes and he who kills will become the great ruler of the world. If he chooses his friends over his he will later die and the prophecy will not be forfilled.... Thats what it said and when i looked it up in some other books it had some more follow up... for the friend whos name changes, the event where you take place will be at the river that ran yellow in acciant times. Friend whos name changes, you must never tell Shackles o Berg about the prophecy it will have grave consiquences. Shackles o Berg is not the rulers real name it is what he picked for a nickname. You may how ever tell all of his other friends so they may beaware of this prophecy... theres abunch of other junk about this prophecy. i am doing my part of the prophecy, now friend whos name changes stay true to your word... you did not have to look in your heart for this one. that was a quote from the prophecy- the main one is " your destiny will become true if you look into youre heart. One who looks outside, dreams. One who looks inside awakes."
shackles o berg is a nickname not a real name
by Jack Oland March 17, 2008
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