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1. the male or female organ of copulation.
2. weed.
3. anything else especially awesome, or significant.

1. capable of overwhelming with amazement; stunningly surprising.
2. causing great surprise or sudden wonder.
3. unusual or considerable in degree, power, intensity, etc.

1. expression used when excitement ensues.
ie: "fuck yeah!"
2. exclamatory statement combined with a fist pump.
1. Chick: "I need some shabalaheem before I hump a fire ant hill out of desperation."
2. Dude: "That shabalaheem fucked me up."

1. "Grandma's Boy is so shabalaheem! I've seen it 100 times."
2. "Sitting on a speaker during dubstep is shabalaheem. I can barely contain myself."
3. "That girl's ass was hella shabalaheem. I'd eat every meal out of it."

1. "shabalaheem!! I just came."
2. "what the shabalaheem!?!"
3. "I just sold those customers 4 more accessories than they actually wanted. shabalaheem!"
by SashaRenee June 20, 2011
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