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An expression of happiness or excitement when participating in social events
Tony was so excited when he orgasmed from having sex with his girlfriend he screamed "Shabalaba Ding Dong!"

Michelle and her friends ordered a round of shots at the bar, after doing them together they shouted "Shabalaba Ding Dong" before hitting the dance floor.
by Giranimax January 13, 2017
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The words you use in place of another. In place of curse words, when you are tongue tied or can't remember the word you wanna use; these are all acceptable times to use shabalaba ding dong.
"OW shabalaba ding dong!!!! I slammed my finger in the car door"
by FrannieG November 30, 2011
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The man's special spot often referred to as the baby-maker.
I axidently hit Raunel and Kenney in there Shaba Laba Ding-Dong and they were screaming bloddy murder.
by Stephanie-Jeanne February 03, 2007
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