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The word shaéf originally used by the high class of British aristocracy to describe a person or event in a derogatory manner has more recently developed into a term used to describe any person, place, object, time, experience, event, or action.
I was walking down the street when this giant shaéf bumped into me, without even saying sorry he walked off so i shaéfed him in the nuts.
by EuroShaéf August 16, 2010
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1.) when you show up to a sesh, smoke someone’s weed and then straight up leave.
- ie. to fiend on someone’s juul or bud.

2.) clearly stealing from your friends, and then denying knowing anything about when confronted.

• shaefing
• shaefed
• shaefes
• etc
“Bro, don’t invite tyrell, he always shaefes us”

“Holy shit, stop shaefing on my juul!”

I know for a fact John just shaefed my watch!”
by Illicitous July 21, 2018
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