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Shō Ga Nai (Show ga neye) are the Japanese words for "Can't be helped." In other countries, esp. the U.S, people tend to get selfish and put themselves before others. In Japanese culture, they don't feel sorry for themselves as much. I'm not saying they're emotionless robots, or that they wouldn't cry at the death of a loved one, but really, they tend to be respectful and not get angry or sad as much. When something bad happens to them, they mostly just say, "Sho ga nai." and get on with their lives rather than throw a fit about it like a two-year-old. Anyway, it's like they're saying, "Sucks for me, but I can't alter this situation, so I'll just take it or leave it."

I learned this on YouTube, and it inspired me... Well, bye. Or, as they say in Japan, "konichiwa."
How am I to give an example? I'm a fourteen-year-old who barely knows "hello" and "goodbye" in Japanese. I ain't givin' ya no dialogue, b*tch! For some (Hoover) Dam reason, I have to include Shō ga nai in this, so there you go, Erbin Dikshinarie.
by Dremora Valkynaz January 17, 2013
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