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An annoying fat person who attempts to take the lead in any discussion. This person often begs for attention, and his or her point of view revolves around what they saw on television the night before.
Teacher: "Viet Nam was a tragic war."

Marge: "My grandpa was in Viet Nam"

Teacher: "Thats nice Marge, how was he involved in the war?"

the Marge would go on to explain (butcher) everything she had seen on the history channel the night before and perhaps even stand up to give a demonstration, revealing her corpulent rolls. This situation would force a student to mutter:

"fuck, Sgt. LAAARGE is at it again."

"you mean Sgt. large MARGE!!!"

"haha yeah Sgt. Large Marge is in charge!"

-Sgt. Large (Sergeant Large)-
by Skelletor Faceface January 27, 2009
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