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It's a forum for Singaporeans whereby douche bags, no life and trolls who are always looking for problems in the forum while hiding behind the monitor.

Some of them are already in their mid 20s to 30s but they refusing to get a job and rather stay home trolling away 24/7 thinking their are the king of Internet.

Most of them even create multiple accounts just to troll at one person.

And they seemly like to act cool when there are females around in the thread.

Also those cowards always like to find ways to avoid National services by malingering(chao keng known to local) in the discussion and rather remain as a pussy and sissy wimp

They like to think that they are Geeks or Nerds but in reality they are just dorks and dweebs
Tom: Dude I hate this forum and the people in it, I cannot get any peaceful discussion, whenever I open a thread to sell my things or mess order goods from overseas I always get this losers trolling at my thread and ruin everything
The worst part they are so many of them.

And all they do is keep trolling and raging at me for nothing.
Even my Gf can't use forum without having losers keep pestering her for a photo of her.

Dick: Let me guess, SGCAFE?

Tom: Omg dude! how do you know that?

Dick: Everyone who lives in Singapore long enough would know that SGcafe are for no life trolling pervert losers dweebs.
by SIedgeHammer83 January 14, 2012
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