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Best looking final fantasy villian so far. Sexy half-human, half-guado, complete with gravity-defying blue hair that doubles as handlebars. Hot body too, if I don't say so myself =P

Many people call him evil, as his main goal in the game is to become the next Sin an evil entity and destroy the world, But he is truly just misunderstood.

He wishes to destroy the world to free them all from their pain. This is his twisted but somewhat realistic way of thinking. Death is a release. Quotes include:

"Life is but a passing dream. THe death that follows is eternal"

"Death is a sweet slumber. All the pain of life is gently swept away"

"But there is no salvation for the damned! Rest in peace... In eternal darkness..."

He is unfortunately the most hated out of all the Final Fantasy villians, also. Alot of people dislike him and call him an annoyance as he appears in fights 4 times throughout the game, and others just hate him as a character.

Me? Neither. I love him to bits.
Fangirl #1 Zomg Seymour Guado is a hawtarse!!
Fangirl #2 *squee* OMFG I KNOW!!!! Doncha just wanna touch him!
Fangirl #3 He should get it on with Sephiroth!!

by Froggie Guado April 27, 2007
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