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Sexybitchette (adjective): A female who typically posesses the ability to make loins quiver, flys unzip, and boners bone. Usually found in compliance with the laws of physics, as a sexybitchette is usually found conjunction with a Sexybitch as to conform to the laws of distribution and transformation of matter to balance the sexiness of the universe. Extremely rare, this metaphysical materialization of sexiness usually only occurs once in a millenia.
"Hey, did you see Dijana today?"
"no, who's that?"
"oh, it's that sexybitchette over there"
"damn...she makes my loins quiver!!"
"I know!"
"and suddenly, I have this insane urge to unzip my fly!"
"I know! I have such a boner right now!"
by STND April 09, 2009
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