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1. Only the crazy-best fanfiction writer in the EdEn fandom. She's in the process of publishing her EPIC TRILOGY. Quite famous in the EdEn fandom. Associates with Potions For Foxes and Indigo's Ocean

2. a very sexy utensil that has dreams of word domination

3. An Australian mother goddess of utensils and writing and sexy things. Has links to Japan
1. "Wow this writer's goooood!"

"'Yeah, but she ain't no Spoonsie."

2. "I wish I were as awesome as Spoons."

"Okay that's seriously enough, you're practically stalkering her..."

"Yes but .... pretty writing."

3. "Sexy Spoons Will Rule Us All? What sort of a username is that?"

"A sexy and awesome ONE!"
by Lving Dead Girl i August 09, 2009
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