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n. A dance of boast and seduction performed by a female vamp
(Derived from choreography vamp-ishly executed by the character Lola, a seductress pawn of the devil, originally set to the music of “a little brains, a little talent” in the Broadway musical Damn Yankees!)
Also commonly referred to as Lola Sexy Dance
1. That Ron Pickett does the Lola Sexy Dance a little to well; his ability to pull off feminine flare is unnerving and oddly transfixing.
2. Stop doing a Sexy Lola Dance your seducing me; you conceited pawn of the devil.
3. Damn! That PHAT sexy bitch is one dope MoFo, grind me off some of dat Lola Sexy Dance ho.
by A devious pupil March 22, 2005
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