When you and your partner both reach the "climax" at the same exact time. In other words, the guy releases and the girl has the orgasm at the same time.
Wow!!! Last night was epic!! My girl and I finished at the same time!! We had sexual satisfaction!!
by pablowisdom August 19, 2016
After being with Bradley S. from Cincinnati, you know what being sexual satisfied means.

Sex with him is just okay; however it’s the cuddling afterwards that reminds you of what satisfaction us ladies want.

If you really only want the security feeling from cuddling, he’s your man. Meaning, the sexual satisfaction comes from his post coitus embrace.

Said, another way….
Sexual satisfaction is not during sex from his penis. Definitely not from his mouth/tongue ; however, all you ever desired sexually is a man to hold you tight all night .

Bradley S. from Cincinnati does the body, more than your vigina, good !!!
He thinks he’s great as sex but he’s better at the “cuddling after sex satisfaction”

Trust me, you have a vibrator for your vigina. And one Bradley S. from Cincinnati will give you the sexual satisfaction you truly want, cuddling with you all night!
by Living my best Life December 22, 2021