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A rare non-existing breed of dinosaur in the Jurassic era. Well known for constantly mating, these horny creatures are always in heat. They travel in crowds as large as 500. Though Sexsaurus’ need constant physical attention, you’ll occasionally find some who prefer to wander solo. Sexsaurus’ are both herbivores and omnivores; meaning they can survive without meat and do not always crave it. They are often on the move, as they like variety and to explore. They are very adventurous, and usually quite friendly and flirtatious. They are fairly small dinosaurs, with only a height of 2-3 meters and a length of 3-6 meters. But don’t let these dinosaurs fool you, when angered, they are very violent. Much like bulls, they charge; their long horns ready to rip through anything in their way.
by Sexsaurus June 01, 2009
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