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Like sexmachine 1.0, but taken to the next level. A name applied to people who deserve not only to be held in the highest regard, but worshipped for things such as mysteriously-colored body hair, fear of witnessing or partaking in anything that Jesus wouldn't have done unless seriously under the influence of chemicals, luscious thighs, and/or the ability to make exceedingly odd (but sexually arousing) noises when shut in a box and poked with a stick. Usually used to describe males (by either gender).
1)Who cares about Sexmachine 1.0? He became obsolete for his various faults (such as being totally boring)! Sexmachine 2.0 totally owns his ass.

2)That sassy, russet-haired lad is a total Sexmachine 2.0. His visage pervades my every thought, dream, and fantasy.

3)I get so flipping horny every time I see Sexmachine 2.0 do his vulture routine.
by Secretly Female November 19, 2006
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