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Sexburga is a down to earth dame with a really unfortunate name. Whether she goes by Sex or Burga depends on the type of chica she is. If she goes by Sex for short. She is DTF all day long. She is a real animal that will always be the life of the partay. You can't handle Sexburga (SEX for short). If she goes by Burga, then she is a shy sophisticated lady who is just trying to escape her unfortunate upbringing. However, one thing is certain for all Sexburgas. They all have crazy ass parents who just want to ruin any chance of them having a normal life.
Sexburga? Oh, you mean Sex? She's the chick with the weird ass name and the crazy ass parents. Totally put her on the guest list for the party. She's a wild one.

Sexburga? Oh, you mean Burga? She's weird and nerdy. Her parents must have really hated her to give her that name.
by KittyKatKaitlyn November 03, 2017
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