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A sex position involving 6 girls and 1 guy, where each member has an active role in pleasuring said male.
There are two females positioned at each station: the penis, the fingers, and the mouth.
One girl takes on the shaft while the other takes on the head.

One girl takes each arm and puts the male's fingers in any hole possible. Preferably both use the same hole to give the scene a symmetric view.

Lastly, two girls use their tongues and lips on the entirety of the guy's mouth. By the end of the session, there should be no spit in his mouth that belongs to him.

This is a great position to use when you simply have too many girls to attend to at once. If you happen to have more girls, you can place them on your stomach and chest - work anything out. I prefer to have them just sit there, until the point when I lose my breath and succumb more to the ladies positioned at the fingers.
If you would so desire, any extra girls can work on the feet.

Simply add +1 to the name of this position for each extra girl you have, up to +3. Anyone who has 10 girls at once could risk their performance during the exercise, so please use caution.
Last night I used the sexagesimal E.T. dreidel-spinning finger fucking double shaft licking half foot mouth party +2 with my lady friends. It is now my favorite position, and I refuse to use anything else.
by Im Judy :) August 25, 2017
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