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A wrestler meatheads idea of exciting sex
"You ok youre grabbing your back?"
"Ya um, its Bianca. Purple hair. Wrestling. Shes into something called Sex Combat."
"Whoaaaa. Noo. You need to be careful with that T Zone."
"She punched me in the penis"
"She punched you in the penis? Did it hurt? Was it like a straight, did she jab it was it like a left hook?"
"Idk I was asleep I just woke up in pain"

"Bianca still hitting you up?"
"Ya she wants to choke slam me"
"I'm starting to get worried about your sex wrestling T bag"
"Ya me too. The Boston crab isn't nearly as fun as it sounds!"
(No Tomorrow)
by Lexthegreat March 01, 2017
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