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Being adequate, satisfactory or normal in any characteristic, circumstance or scenario. The only exception is for good looks, for which the Feldman sets the highest standard, almost unachievable by regular human beings.

In law, the standard of the Reasonably Prudent Feldman has replaced the now outdated Negligence standard.
I got a C on my test today; my professor said I really set the Feldman on it.

I came in 5th out of 10 bowlers in my tournament, and took home the Feldman award.

I've got a decent job, a mid-sized suburban home, a wife and 2.5 kids - I'm really setting the Feldman right now.

Wow, things really got out of hand there for a while! But things are finally starting to return to Feldman again....

DID YOU SEE THAT GIRL AT THE BAR?! There' s no way I even have a chance with her...she totally sets the Feldman!
by Lil' Rank November 05, 2011
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