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This man has one of the largest penis’ on earth. It is said to be so big that when it penetrates The vagina girls scream so high that only dogs can here it. He also was involved in the assassination of Kermit the frog. This man has over 10003526006352$.0372637()2&38637 wins in fortnite battle Royale. He has a enemy called BiTcH AsS, aka little hollow. If you meet this man just pray for mercy and hope he doesn’t slap your face with his massive dong.
Dog: What the hell was that!?
Man: I don’t hear anything.
Man: da fuk....Since when could yo ass talk?!
Dog:*starts sweating and starts to get a boner*
*dog brutally rapes the man while screaming “this is for you Seth Philip Arnold”*
by 6ix9ine$id July 02, 2018
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