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Is another term for whore. the Serving Wenches in the medieval times would serve the royalty food and other things.
When i went to the renaissance fair there was a serving wench there giving me my food and the adults explicit pleasures.
by MomoLove October 20, 2012
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Someone who used to be a potential girlfriend/boyfriend, but no longer is.
Tim: Zack, is that your exgirlfriend?
Zack: No, she's an expotential. We never actually dated...
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it's like a server from medieval time's.. it is mentioned on the Wizard's of Waverly place show when Alex want's Harper to serve to there sub station a little bit better.. she look's in a spell book thinking of something else a serving wench is called but it's filled with dust or some thing.. on the page.
but since this is the 21st century we don't need to call them that, since they are female server's don't call them "Serving wenches" cause.. that might sound like an insult so call them waitresses.. like forever! lol!
there was a serving wench at the restaurant.. and was serving food and other thing's to order. (sorry if that wasn't good.. i am new at this urban stuff)
by ...The Fixing dictionfairy! xD December 27, 2011
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