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A Girl who thinks she is the BESTEST server in the WORLD! Generally these broads are in thier late 20's or early 30's an are still serving tables but they think that thier best server to walk the planet. Which explains why thier working at some PF Changs or Johnny Carino's

They are midly good looking, Chatty Cathys even with thier tables an can be overheard discussing life stories with tables. Also love to brag about how much they made. They will throw a fit if they have to do anything outside of serving a table. They ONLY work night shifts because a day shift would be a waste of time.

In reality these people have done jack shit with thier life an never will. They have bad wrists an bad backs from carrying heavy ass trays all night an on top of that, THEY ARE GOD AWFUL SERVERS!
Eric: "Hey dude, how come Kimberly never works days? An why does she always get the big parties!?"

Tony: "Shes a server queen dawg, she throws a fit if she doesnt get what she wants"
by llegoz October 16, 2009
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