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She is unique in every way. And attracts money. Seriya is very kind and soft. She will try her very best to make her friends feel happy. A seriya is hard to find. Seriya is very smart and independent. She is a very good friend and will always comfort them. Seriya does not like the feeling of being under pressure when she is under pressure she tends to get very sensitive.A seriya is unique in many different ways but once you get to know her you will never forget her. Warning a seriya can tend to act silly and goofy when she is bored or happy ,treat her right and she will treat you the same. She is fun in her own way.PS.HER FAVORITE EMOJI AREπŸ˜‚πŸ˜œπŸ˜›πŸ±πŸ˜ANDπŸ˜‹
This seriya is very unique.
by Teamz April 22, 2018
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Serious / Seriously
Being negative or a hater.
"boo on seriya"
"stop being so seriyas"
"that damn seriya flaked out on my crew"
by peaz August 21, 2006
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