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A serial carder is known to prey on virgins who are typically 'late' to lose their virginity. These girls are most often fresh out of high school and tend to be the last of their friends to be v-carded. The serial carder swoops in and tells these young girls anything and everything they want to hear in hopes of nailing a virgin. After swiping her v-card, the serial carder milks the situation to his advantage until the young girl is no longer young, at which point, he moves on to the next virgin.
Connie: OMG I finally had sex with Jarret! He told me he loves me! I think he might be the one!

Susie: Connie, your boyfriend is a serial carder. Not only is he going to dump you, but he already told me he wants to pop my cherry on prom night...
by SNICKAPIE January 24, 2010
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