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To seduce via serenation. Usually done with an acoustic guitar. Sometimes with mandolin, ukelele, or even piano. Usually something portable and light, but not always. The instrument must, I emphasize MUST be sexy for the seredution to work. Acoustic guitar works because of the womanly curves of the body, and the way the male player drags his fingers across the g-string. As well as various other inexplicable factors that woman find appealing about guitar players.
Example 1:

Paul - Merr. I think I'll go sereduce those hot broads over there by that there campfire thing. I'm gonna play In Your Atmosphere - John Mayer.

Tom - Good luck with that...

Example 2:

Shelby - Oh, Tom! You're soo much better than Paul at sereducing.

Tom (to Paul) - She wants me.

Paul - (moping)
by Guitom February 08, 2009
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