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Worse than an epic fail.

Septic fail comes from a mix of Epic Fail and Septic Tank.

(a septic tank is used to store/dispose of human waste. in place of a sewer)

Septic Fail is to be used in extreme cases only.

terminology may vary,

(in fail order)

epic fail
septic fail
super septic fail

nasty septic fail
super nasty septic fail
epic septic fail

and finally

super epic, mega septic stink-nasty fail
degrees of fail...
1.)(Score goal on own team)=fail

2.) (Trip on own foot, fall and fit face on floor)= epic fail

3.) (score goal on own team then trip on own foot and hit face on floor, stand up and knock your gym teacher unconscious)=Septic fail

3.) (Accidentally back truck off of a cliff, land truck on grandmother)=Septic Fail

2.) (When playing tic-tac-toe against oneself, lose)=Epic Fail

3.) (When parallel parking, hit the car in front of you and the car behind you several times....get out...your car explodes)=E P I C F A I L

3.) (Attempt suicide (DON'T DO IT), fail at suicide,be sentenced to death for attempted murder (to oneself), when in prison get shanked because you would not let the midget have his hat back, recover, for your last meal, die from food poisoning before getting the electric chair. (+1 if they still electrify you, +5 if they try to save you from dying of food poisoning) )=
by schoolrunner May 16, 2009
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