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A state of being one is in when he has exhausted so much energy at the expense of this holiday, that she is unable to give any more of a fuck about it.

also. Das Campaign Slogan fatigue
In anchorman, Ron would have got the 2001 September Eleventh Story, but by 2011 Chritina Applegate would get to chose between it and the waterskiing squirrel.

"I'm so sick of hearing about september 9th, or the eight? Well nine eleven. Wait is it nine eleven? y..yyes. Yeah right it is. I know I have such September Eleventh Fatigue
September Eleventh Fatigue?

Yeah! Yeah, thats exactly what it is! Me too!

"Hey whats yonder that there fence?
Shhhhhut up har! It's that secret hole n things."
"secret hole from what?"
"cown snarnit Kilkenny, aint none never told ya ta keep yer damn fool mouth shutup like aint they then now huh? Huh!"
"Mr sirs, mr sirs. I read me up bout that there secret hole in the pamphlets what reeplaced er textbooks in the school. Its that september eleventh hole I hear."
"Damn you kid! When yer older youl got tired too."
"Aw jimmy, live the poor guys allone, anyone over twenty has september eleventh fatigue somethin awful dontchaknow."
"Awww mom. Say how come they don't fillerin?"
"Shhhhut uppppppp c'ownsarnit!"
by marmadukeakamarmaduke September 09, 2011
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