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This is an event within the month of September in which on the first day, a man will shave his face in its entirety and the refrain from shaving until the first day of the following month. Giving his beard a full 31 days to flourish.

Many who participate in this event will do so in a group of people and compare their beards on the 31st of the month and determine who is the Septembeard Champion.

*Note* - Girlfriends, Wives, Fiances & Mothers, more often than not, are against the Septembeard festivities and will often complain.
Bill - "Did you see Dave's beard? He looks like Tom Hanks in Cast Away."

Dan - "I think they are going to name him the Septembeard Champion."

Jessica - "You all need to shave, you look like a congregation of homeless men, it's gross."
by Syn55 November 01, 2009
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