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A tall, social, funny, and a sexy guy. He's one of the best friends that you'll have for your entire life. He's also known for being very social and attracting girls very easily. Whenever girls see him, they get crazy and says he's so hot. He's also a great boyfriend. Any girls in this world will get attracted to his handsome face, hot body, and a very funny personality. Whoever you are, don't let him go. For guys, he's the best friend of all time. For girls, he's the best boyfriend and might be a love of your life... you know
Seongwon: Hey guys.
Girls: Oh my he's so hot everyday. Does he have a girlfriend?
Boys: Wherever we go, that's all we hear when we're around Seongwon. I wish we could be as hot as him and be able to attract girls. It's a dream for all the girls to date with him.
Girls: Seongwon!!! Wanna hook up tonight?
Seongwon: It's everyday bruh
by 820 February 10, 2018
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