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You know when you want to rap battle someone and you end up throwing a sentence at them then they spit one at you then you spit on at them
Really just s stupid way to rap battle someone, for Peopel who barely ever rap,
Anyone in the audience can join in anytime.
Dude 1#"Oi rap battle me"
Dude 2# "okay"
Dude 1#"you go first"
Dude"okay, look at you fat cunt, I'll boot your head in drop punt."
Dude 2#"yo, you think that was good, word of advice cunt that was sentence spit, we ain having those in my hood."
Dude 1# "was that meant to be good? Cos it dum, you truffle butter your bros,than gobble it up mmmmmm yum"
AussieBystander"mate you call that a rap, it was crap, I'll twist your neck *snap!*"
Dude 2#"fuck you, Aussie shit! I'll brake both your legs and chuck you in the pit"
Aussiebystander"what was that? My seven year old brother could come up with a better rhyme, I"lol curb stomp your skull with my Nike, than bunny hop your corpse with my bike, I sneeze on the audience cos I'm sick on the mic."
by Ninjacringa July 12, 2015
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