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The feeling of longing for people you haven't seen in years or family, but only when you're high.
"Man last night I was cruising some gravel and I got super sensimental."

"Wanna smoke?" "No, thanks my grandma just died I don't want to get sensimental."
by PJ Sprinkles July 09, 2012
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A subjective statement (or headline, or quotation) that is both sensationalised and sentimental but almost always devoid of the necessary evidence, credence or semblance of fact for it not to be regarded as useless.
The Five Year Strategy only referred to this issue a few times, on these occasions it was only a sensimental reference and essentially worthless.

'I won't let other people decide my family's future'; a purely sensimental quote.

'Immigrants storming our beaches for D-Day Part II'; a likely sensimental headline for a tabloid newspaper.
by Vultan555 June 22, 2016
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