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A really cool type of person. They are awesome and sweet and get pussy all the time. Anyone who hates them are classified a hater and will get mobbed by all of a Senou's possy. You don't wanna be a hater...A senou especially hates Jesse's, retards, and small red furry animals that make squaking noises.
Person 1: Hey, are you senou you should go fuck yourself.
Person 2: Wow dude, you don't wanna mess a Senou.
Person 1: Oh yeah
by Lickaretard November 28, 2009
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An asain wanna-be who is really only half asain. Has a chode with pubic hair so long he has to use hair clips to prevent it from coming out the bottom of his shorts.
Hey, whose that douche bag, with the hair coming out from his shorts?"
"OH, its only senou,"
by basketball4life June 29, 2009
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