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When an underclassmen fantasizes about or hooks up with a senior. Is often practiced by obnoxious love starved children, but can also be practiced my very mature people. Senior relations can be beautiful, and definitely hot and heavy. Traditionally the senior is an experienced sexy beast, and the younger female looks older than she actually is. Senior relations are frowned on by society, but most people could care less. If you want to have a steamy session with someone, go for it. But remember, kiddies. Wear a fucking rubber!
Non- disgraceful example of Senior relations:
SmartUnderclassmen: I know that Jeremy is three years older than me, but I really feel a connection with him. I mean, he's really great, and I know he will respect me. I think I want to get together with him.
Lisa: Oh, that's cool. Just be safe, okay?

Disgraceful example of Senior relations:
IdiotUnderclassmen: Oh, my gawwd Lisa! Jeremy is sooo hawwwt. I don't care if he's three years older than me! I know he wants to grind! I bet he'd like those new undieeees I bought! I'll suck it night and day for that hot piece of man meat! Hahaha!
Lisa: You don't even know him! You're a fucking idiot. Grow up.
by ShaIchLuge July 10, 2008
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