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A house with a large number of bedrooms (usually 9-14) on a college campus made up of mostly seniors that are in the same fraternity. It is used as a place to hold parties since many fraternities are supposed to be dry (alcohol-free). It is different from a fraternity house in that it doesn't have a dance floor, a large living room, is not old and made of brick/stone, and it has way less bedrooms.
Joe: dude , are there any parties tonight?
Matt: yeah man at XXX (fraternity).
Joe: oh nice, at the fraternity house?
Matt: No, at the senior house.
by fratiliciousbroheem69 March 02, 2017
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Proper Noun
The highest dorm at Berkshire School. Depending on your definition of "highest", it is commonsensical that Senior House is elevated above the rest geographically; but it is arguable that Senior House is the highest dorm on campus perceptively and socially as well.
"I lived in Senior House my fifth year of high school and did a whole lot of nothing."
"Those Senior House boys really hate the schools administration."
by Berkshire Class of 2006 May 09, 2006
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