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An individual who accepts their meager existence in back-offices and gray cubicle rows until they dissipate into pure anonymity but now has an insignificant title change. Frequently excreted on by the rest of the company as a human cesspool, they lurk in the hazy glow of asinine spreadsheets and fruitless excel recreation. Individuals suffering from this syndrome have been known to cope with their existence by extended lunches at ill repute bars playing buck-hunter and talking about how they are "under appreciated". Severe psychological damage and alcoholism are the most commonly experienced byproducts.
Scott B. is not management material, he had a 15 dollar break which shows how poor of a senior fund accountant he is.

And here is our back-office, they are the piece-of-shit (POS) senior fund accountants who crunch our numbers.
by lolololol2000 February 12, 2015
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